5 Common Roofing Problems You Have Experienced

By December 19, 2017Roofing

Damages and failures when it comes to your roofing should not be ignored. You need to fix it right away after seeing the problems on your roof. Aside from the missing, shattered, and torn shingles, homeowners also consider the price of the roofing repair which can ruin the budget you have planned for your family.

It might be an extra task to keep on track of the physical appearance of your roof. However, it will cause many problems if you will just ignore it. Listed below are some of the roofing problems you might encounter or have experienced.

Poorly installed roofing

Roof problems arise because it was not installed correctly by the roofer. Hiring roofing contractors is as same as choosing what food would you like to eat. If you will prefer the unhealthy one, you might end up having serious problems in the future but if you value your nutrition, you should choose the one you know that will help you with your preference.

Damage caused by climate

There are types of roofing material that function well in a particular weather. You may not be aware of this but your roof needs to be protected and coated. For example, the wood and asphalt shingles, if they were exposed to the sun, it might cause for the shingles to curl up and crack. It is important to choose the type of roofing material in terms of the weather in your home.

Leaking roof and attic

It is hard to detect if when and where did the leaking started. Not, if you will going to ask for the help of the expert or the team who did your roof. Seeking the help of the right contractor in roofing and siding in Chicago helps you track where the leakage started. You will also know if in what part of the roofing has the huge hole to detect where it began.

Wrong attic ventilation

When there are spaces for the air to get in and out of your attic, it will be easier for the rain to dry off and snow to melt down. You will know that the ventilation was not good if you noticed that every winter season, the nails on your attic were frozen or covered with ice. When you have a properly ventilated attic, excess heat and moisture easily escape.

According to National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), there should actually a required ratio when it comes to the space of the ventilation and the attic floor space, which is 1/150. This is the ratio that is used by buildings.

Clogged gutter

Having a clogged gutter can damage your house. The work of the gutter is to make sure that the water that came from the roof will be washed off and will not be stuck. If the gutter is clogged, during the winter season, there is a huge chance that the ice dam will form and it will be harder for the homeowners to drain the water. Cleaning your gutter is important on a daily basis.

You need to be present throughout the process of the roof installation. You need to do this to make sure that you will receive the exact service that the roofing contractor promised. Ignoring these problems only bring further damage to your roof. More repair means that you need to pay more for the work of your Chicago roofing and siding contractors.


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